'allo 'allo 

Part of our business is supplying the costumes and props for the stage show of 'Allo Allo to theatre companies. The hire costumes are run by www.alloallo-hire.co.uk where available dates for our packages are shown with a full run down of what is with it, prices etc. 
However we at the Olney office, sell the props which are for people to keep. i.e. not part of the hire package. 
Many of the items are of interest to those who just like Allo Allo but aren't involved with putting on a production of it. In particular are the Fallen Madonnas With The Big Boobies, which we have specifically made for productions and are available to buy individually and directly from this site. Other props are available as you can see, or indeed the whole props package if you're feeling wild and want the two male blow up rubber dolls which - in the production - are dressed up as Adolf Hitler. And all the sound effects...oh the list goes on. 
Have a look around as there's some fun stuff here. 
If you would like to know more about our magic workshops simply call us on 01234 241357 or click here to contact us 
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